There are four approaches in psychotherapy: psychodynamic, behavioural, humanistic and systemic. I am integrative: I believe that each of the four holds a partial truth. My integrative approach implies, in practice, adapting the therapy to the person, and not the person to the therapy

My practice is evidence-based [1]. If research in clinical psychology has demonstrated something, in the last five decades, it is that the therapeutic relationship [2], adapted to the patient [3], is more important than the model of intervention. My priority, therefore, is to provide you with a calm and secure environment in which you can feel understood and accepted. Adapting my practice, at the same time, to your situation, aim and personality.

In clinical practice, I integrate the existential-humanistic approach (especially person-centred therapy) and the contextual-behavioural approach (especially acceptance and commitment therapy) via the transtheoretical model [4] and the pluralistic model [5],